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Save Windfall Petition Started

Follow the link below to sign an actual Save Windfall petition that has been started. The petition will be sent to NBC regularly, so make sure you sign it and spread the word to others to sign. And keep emailing nbcshows@nbc.com and tell them we like the show and send them the link to the petition to help the cause. Thanx!

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Unfortunately, these tactics do not work under these circumstances.

I'm not trying to discourage you or anything, it's just reality! NBC won't care for emails and they (as well as all other major networks) won't even look at petitions.

What I know is more effective to save a show (and has worked in the past) is snail mail. That means writing actual letters and/or building a campaign. The downfall is that something like this takes commitment and it needs to be in volumes.

It did work for Party of Five but didn't for My So Called Life.
Wait, was the eipisode on Thursday the last one?

But hasn't it been renewed anyway? I'm sure I read so :/ x
@onlyagirl86: Where did you read so?

NBC promoted the last episode as the "series finale" on their front page. Also the futon critic called it the "series finale".

You're most probably right slow_awakening. I was told to say that snail mail address will soon be coming.

This was posted on the official boards.

"the number for NBC (at least the one I have) is (212) 258-8700. I used to have a mailing address for NBC but no longer do. If you find one address your mail to Jeffrey Zucker."

Here we go:

Even more ways to help 'Windfall'.

1) The best way is probably snail mail. We have to address to write to:

Jeffrey A. Zucker, President
National Broadcasting Company
3000 W. Alameda Ave.
Burbank, CA

Jeffrey A. Zucker, President
NBC Universal Television Group
300 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY

2) Make sure everybody calls in. Not sure what department you ask for, but once that's figured out, I will post.

California phone: 818.840.3537 or 818.840.4444
NY Phone: (212) 258-8700

3) As always, the emails don't hurt at all. Send all emails to [email]nbcshows@nbc.com [/email]

4) Sign our petition at Save Windfall

5) Join groups, post bulletins, and anything else you can do at social networking sites; MySpace, Xanga, LiveJournal, Friendster, etc... This will help raise awareness for the cause.

6) This is a VERY VERY far stretch, but if we could contact the actors, actresses, musicians, cast, and anybody else involved in the show and have them publicly support us, it would definitely help.

7) Lastly, try to get into publications or TV about the petition, email, address, and everything... Again, a VERY VERY far stretch also.
i really hope this show sticks. has been the most interesting show i've seen in a while.
whatever happened? how did this show end? were there any conclusions or did they just drop it entirely!? i am not one to 'fall' for new shows, but i REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY liked this one. this is sad!